An ensemble in every sense of the word, each member of Terracoustic speaks multiple musical dialects.  With extensive classical, Indian classical, folk, bluegrass, eastern european, celtic, and jazz grounding between them, and a desire to explore the boundaries and synergies between these musics, each tune, and each performance with Terracoustic promises to be a unique, lively, profound, and engaging experience.

The fluidity of a jazz combo, the sensitivity and dynamic range of a classical string quartet, the groove of a modern string band, and drawing on a wide array of world musics as source material – Terracoustic is a unique voice in the burgeoning new acoustic scene.

Performing in various combination chamber groups, from duos to quintets, playing many original compositions, and featuring active and fluid improvisation, Terracoustic has delighted audiences in their hometown of Portland, OR, and throughout the Northwest.


Ben Blechman – 5 String Violin, ComposerBen Josh Feinberg – Standup Bass, ComposerJosh
Greg Allison – Violin, Viola, Mandolin, ComposerGreg Tim Connell – Mandolin, ComposerTim
Bryan Owens – Guitar, ComposerBryan Jack Dwyer – Mandolin, Guitar, Composerjack